On this page you'll find the data sets, R code, and powerpoint slides from each meeting in the R/MEM workshop series that took place at the University of Illinois in the Spring of 2014.

Meeting 1: (A very brief) Introduction to R, by Alex Fine
Commented R code
Data (in Excel format for the purpose of introducing the "read.xlsx" function)

Meeting 2: Conceptual introduction to (mixed effects) regression using R, by Laurel Brehm
Commented R code
Data used in the example

Meeting 3: Logistic mixed effects regression and the analysis of eye-tracking data, by Sarah Brown-Schmidt.
Compressed (.zip) directory of Sarah's code and data
Sarah's slides

Meeting 4: Complete example of a linear mixed effects regression analysis, by Alex Fine
Compressed directory of Alex's code, data, and slides.

Meeting 5: Analyzing data with categorical predictors with 2+ levels; weighted empirical logistic regression, by Laurel Brehm
. Compressed directory of Laurel's code and data.

Meeting 6: Getting intimate with and visualizing your data using plyr and ggplot2, by Joe Toscano.
Compressed directory of Joe's code and data.